VMWare 1, Virtual PC 0

I enjoy messing around with various versions of Linux. In order
to keep my desk from being completely overrun with computers, I’ve been
trying to use various distributions under Microsoft Virtual PC.
Unfortunately, what I’ve found is that if I attempt to run a copy of
Linux under Virtual PC at the full native resolution of the system that
I’m working on (1280×1024), it will not display properly. It ends
up looking like the alternating lines of the display have been shifted
over signifcantly. The best I’ve been able to do is set Linux to
use 1024×768 as the highest resolution, and then run Linux in a window,
rather than full screen, which deprives me of the "full" experience.

Recently I decided to download and install Ubuntu, and just for kicks, I decided I would try using VMWare Workstation
to host the OS. To make a long story short, it worked
perfectly. The OS runs at full resolution, which makes me very

Heck, even printing only took about 15 seconds to configure and send a print job.

So, if you’re planning on using a version of Linux in a virtual session
on your PC, give VMWare Workstation a shot. A free evaluation
version is available. I’m guessing I’ll be buying a license when
my eval time expires. At least the competition between VMWare and
Microsoft has resulted in a significant price reduction of their
respective products!

Posted from Firefox running on Ubuntu, running in VMWare Workstation, running under Windows XP SP 2.  Yeesh.