Why make things so hard Chevy?

Recently, Chevy has started an advertising campaign that features the fact that they have reduced the sticker prices on all of their cars.  For more information, they say, go to Edmunds.com and click on Head 2 Head.
Well, sure, why not.  I like the Edmunds site, so let’s see what’s there.  I go there and Head 2 Head is actually a banner ad.  Um, allrighty, I’ll click.  That’ll give some money to Edmunds, which is peachy by me.
When I click on the ad, rather than seeing a list or something that shows the reduction in prices for the 2006 models, I’m presented with a chooser to pick the model of Chevy I want to work with.  Hmmm, okay, 2006 Corvette.  Once that’s done, rather than getting any information about the price reductions, I’m presented with a list of comparable cars to compare the Corvette to.  Welll, that’s peachy, but not what I wanted.  I wanted information on how much the prices of various Chevy’s have been reduced. 
That information is not to be found.  Good job Chevy!
And yes, I recognize that a reduction in list price will probably have little to no effect to the actual price paid by a buyer.  And no, I’m not in the market for a 2006 Corvette – it’s just that usually any sale that Chevy has specifically excludes the Corvette, so I thought I’d see if they actually reduced the price.

How to lose a potential customer in 5 seconds or less

I’m building myself a new computer since I have to give the old one to someone else.  While installing all the software necessary to work and develop in these modern times, I got jumped by a popup window from a product called "PDF Complete".  Apparently, this is one of the few products (seriously, with HP Workstations they don’t load up a ton of crap) that HP preloaded on this machine.
Well, if you’re going to inflict a popup on me to upgrade, when I haven’t even run your program yet, there’s only one thing I’m going to do – uninstall your program.
The thing is, if they just popped up the offer when I ran the program, that’d be one thing.  But jumping into the middle of what I’m doing, well, you get no respect or financial loving from me.
I should note that HP has started putting in the same sort of popup for QuickBooks for the machines we buy for our users.  There is no easy way to get rid of it and we no longer trust their builds since they are now putting crap on business machines, so we just reformat the drive and reload it.  Good job HP!

Microsoft employees should be banned from using the word “So”

So, I listen to podcasts on the way to and from work, and let me tell you, nothing is more irritating that hearing some random Microsoft employee or intern start every sentence with "so".
So, if I ask an MS employee if the sky is blue, the answer will probably come back as "So…. yes."  Or alternatively, "So, not today because it is cloudy, so however tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny, so it will be blue tomorrow".
So surely you can see how irritating this gets, right?
So, they use the word so so often it becomes mere audible filler.  So it’s kind of like, "um", except "um" isn’t abusing the English language quite so much.
So, see what I mean?
– Eric.