Food poisoning sucks in so many ways!

Karmic retribution is a bitch.  While eating some Chinese food with friends on Friday night I mentioned that the last time I had been really sick was something like 10 years before and it was from food poisoning.  We all had a good chuckle.
At 3am Saturday morning I woke up and began the first of many rushes to the bathroom.  For the next 24 hours I was capable of only rushing to the bathroom and laying in bed.  I managed to eat one Ritz cracker.
Sunday was spent in bed recovering, with fewer rushes to the bathroom.  I ate a bowl of plain oatmail (a curse on that damn Quaker Oats guy!) and a bowl of soap.  Neither stuck around for long.
Monday I was able to be upright for about an hour and actually made a very short visit to a client to fix a system that had been disabled by a server upgrade the previous week.
Tuesday I was half normal and finally I managed to eat enough food to begin to sustain me. I went to a prospect meeting and got stood up.
Finally today I feel mostly normal, except for an entirely rational fear of Chicken and Mushrooms, and a bit of lingering weakness and queasiness.  Tonight I have to spend four or five hours at a client site.  Let’s hope I have the stamina to do it!
The killer of all this is that in addition to the physical aspects of being sick, it hurts a small and growing business.  A few weeks ago the sales side of our company was laid out for two weeks with that horrible lingering flu / cold that was running around, then I got struck down!
Let’s hope that everyone remains healthy, the business continues to grow, and that blogging will resume!