Welcome to the Apple iBrick

Today, after returning from being on the road for 11 hours visiting clients and prospects, Deb plugged her iPhone into her PC (running XP), and without thinking, said Yes to installing the latest iTunes & iPhone update.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  Unfortunately, the update didn’t work.  It basically bricked her iPhone.  I figured out how to reset the iPhone and got it to resync with Outlook again which involved lots of button mashing, PC resetting, USB port changing, and voodoo incantations.

I haven’t documented the error codes or anything because there are tons of people out there complaining about this problem.  Apple has screwed up but good on this one.

Funny thing is, I was just saying to someone a few days ago about the iPhone being the only thing that has been reliable for Deb, so it was worth it, regardless of the cost.  I guess that’s no longer true!

And before any naysayers pitch in about the update "bricking" the iPhone due to mods – are you nuts?! This is Deb’s phone.  It was never modded.  This is a software f-up by Apple.

Finally, now that the phone is syncing, it’s throwing an error -69 when trying to get the music on the phone so in order to get a clean sync, we’ve disabled all music syncing, which really sucks for the flight to Chicago tomorrow.

And now the multifunction fax / printer has started jamming.  And a client’s server has decided that SQL Server 2000 is an unstoppable and unreachable process.  Next thing you know the roof will fall off our home.

"Want fries with that?"