I’m conflicted about MSN Spaces

Right now I’m running my blog on .Text, which is fine and dandy, but sometimes I think that it would be nice to not have to deal with worrying about backing up the server, making sure it’s upgraded to all the latest code and whatnot.

One thing that would be nice to know is if we can determine just how many users have visited my ‘space’.  Also, I’ll have to check this out under Firefox, as I hate using IE for just about anything anymore.

One other thing that needs to be resolved is MSN’s terms of service which pretty much claim ownership of everything I put up here.  I understand what they were trying to accomplish (protecting themselves and allowing them to make backups and such without being worried about someone claiming that they’re stealing someones stuff – exactly what they’re being accused of now!), and they need to fix their agreement asap.

Oh well, that’s enough of an incoherent ramble, I’m off to learn more about MSN Spaces!