Has your SBS 2003 server forgotten that it is one?

A few days ago I had to run one of the many Small Business Server wizards on my 2003 SBS server to repair a problem with Internet access.  As soon as I tried to run it, it came up with an error message that the wizard "can only be run on a small business server computer".  Sure, go ahead and run then!

Well, after trying to convince it run by talking to it nicely, I looked around for help.  I didn’t find too many posts about it except for those referencing Service Pack 2, but this machine had not been changed in many many moons, so it wasn’t SP 2.

Finally I found a reference to Microsoft KB article # 940318.  After downloading and running the hotfix (it took about 2 seconds to run), the problem was resolved.

This is just another one of those mysteries…  But at least I had to deal with it on one of my busiest days of the year.