VS.NET 2005 Help bug – “cannot find server”

Since I don’t have DotNetBugs.com up and running yet, I figure I’ll put this here for now…
After installing Visual Studio 2005, you may find that trying to access local help results in an error saying "Cannot Find Server".  If you look at the URL you can see it clearly isn’t attempting to access a server on the Internet, but rather content on your machine.
After spending much time Googling around, I found enough hints to get to the solution.
First, log out of your current user and log in as another user with Administrator priveleges.  Even if your current user has administrator priveleges, you must log in as someone else.
Second, navigate to the Local Settings directory for the user that is having the problem.  For example, if your login is Bob, and you are now logged in as Administrator, chances are that "c:\documents and settings\Bob\Local Settings" is the path you want.  Make sure that you have "Show Hidden Files and Folders" turned on in Folder Options in explorer.
Third, delete the "Temporary Internet Files" directory.  You won’t miss it.  Windows will recreate it as soon as it needs it.
Finally, log back in as yourself, then bring up VS.NET help.  At this point, everything will be peachy.
Hope this helps someone!

Adventures in Not Getting It

I recently purchased a component for imaging from a company that for argument’s sake we’ll call LeadTools.
The product is fine, we’re quite happy with it and we’re about to go live with a tool that uses it.  That’s not where the "failure to communicate" occurs.
I purchased the product from their web site.  I provided them with my billing and company information, they provided me with the serial number.  So far so good. 
Yesterday, I received a card in the mail (how 80’s) from them thanking me for the the purchase and urging me to register the product with them. They conveniently provided the serial number, order # and customer # to assist in the registration.
Let’s think this through:  They sent me an physical letter asking me to register on their web site, along with all of the information, from their database, that I need to register.  So… we have a company who knows who I am, and exactly what I bought, asking me to go to their web site so I can tell them who I am and what I bought?
I just don’t get it.  Use your computers people!