Task switcher that Vista should have shipped with…

I tell you, some days I love Vista and on others, well not so much.
One feature that seems cool but doesn’t really prove useful is the Flip 3D feature.  Apple has one on their system that makes a lot more sense – press a button (or squeeze the side buttons on the Mighty Mouse) and you’ll get Expose.  This shows miniature versions of all open Windows on the desktop at once.
Well, it turns out that Bao Nguyen has created Switcher, a program that pretty much does what Expose does.
I just installed it and I’m very impressed.  Give it a shot.  It’s free, small and easy to work with.
PS: Let’s hope this posting makes it up without any typos. <sigh>

How to spend your 40th birthday

 Okay, so I didn’t do much of anything on my 40th, which was nice (except for the client who kept calling about unimportant stuff no many how many times I told them I was taking the day off unless it was an emergency).
The one thing I wanted to do was to get to Clearwater Beach and go to my favorite beach bar "Britt’s".  Unfortunately, due to all of the construction going on over there, the Britt’s that I enjoyed is gone.  They still have the "other" Britt’s, which has the pizza I so enjoy (New York style – fold it and let the grease run out) so it wasn’t a complete washout. 
Oh yeah, and I drank some… 🙂