Lapin Systems and Amazon delivering great customer service

Good customer service is such a pleasure when I encounter it. I had two stand out instances this week.

I have an iMac at home, and really appreciate Mac OS X and all that it brings to the table, but after having an SSD in my systems at the office for the past several years, I couldn’t take the “slow” hard drive any more. Just to be fair, the drive is no slower than that in any other PC (speaking generally of course). It’s a bog standard 7200 rpm drive, which is probably adequate for most people.

However, once you go SSD, you really don’t ever want to go back! I finally decided that I’d had enough of the performance “problems” on the iMac and put my plan in action.

The first thing I had to do was acquire an SSD. While we’ve purchased around 20 OCZ Vertex drives at the office, we’d had a high enough failure rate with them that I wasn’t going to buy another one. I ended up ordering a 512 gig Crucial SSD from Amazon on Monday evening at around 7pm, with standard Prime second day shipping. The web site estimated a delivery date of Thursday (not sure why there was a projected delay, but what the heck).

I was shocked Tuesday morning when I arrived at my office at 11am (I had to visit another office in a suburb before getting to our headquarters) and discovered that the SSD had already arrived! That is customer service!

The next part of the master plan was to get the drive installed. I’m a pretty geeky guy and could do it myself, but I also capable of changing the oil in my car and yet I choose to pay someone else to do it. I honestly just didn’t want to deal with removing the glass from the front of the iMac. Breaking or scratching that, or even worse leaving dust behind the glass (the horror) would cost a lot more than paying someone else to do it.

With just a bit of Google-Fu (Bing-Fu just doesn’t sound right) I found Lapin Systems in Evanston, IL. I exchanged some emails with them to confirm their willingness to do the work, and how long it would take. I was a bit disappointed that they couldn’t guarantee a same day turn around. It is understandable though – if someone came in with a “system down” situation, it would make sense to fix them up first. Anyway, I dropped the iMac off their office on Thursday at 9am with the promise that they be able to get it done today (not much work sitting on the bench I guess).

An hour and a half later I got a call from them that my machine was ready! Hot diggity. After a quick round trip to their offices I got the machine hooked back up and restoring data (back up your systems kids!).

A big thank you to Lapin Systems and Amazon for making this upgrade project pretty much painless (except for paying for the SSD).

Oh yeah, the iMac screams and runs multiple VM’s under Parallels (Windows 7 and Windows 8 ) quite nicely now.