Ditching cable TV

After our cable bill increased due to losing all discounts, Deb and I considered just how much we watch “live” TV these days.  The answer was “not much”.  We’ve decided to ditch cable TV.  This morning I made the call and terminated all TV services from Comcast.  A few hours later all of the set top boxes were returned to the local Comcast branch.

It will be interesting to see how things end up going.  Honestly the biggest concern is Monday Night Football, since we don’t have ESPN anymore.  We can pick up local channels using an antenna (hooray for HD quality!), and those will cover all the other games we care about.

As for other TV watching?  Well, there’s Netflix.  Given that we use their streaming more than we were watching normal TV, I don’t think we’re going to miss much.  This change will save us about $1400 per year!  All of our TV’s have Netflix built into them, or have an Apple TV attached, so there’s no extra cost there.  We do need to purchase antennas for three of the TV’s, (total of about $75), and a media PC or two, so even worst case, we’ll break even in year one.

In a day or two expect a post about our new Media Center PC in the living room…

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