SMS service thieves

Wow, two scams in one night.

On Deb’s most recent cell phone bill, there were two charges for SMS based services, neither of which she signed up for:

Mobile Messenger
SendMe, Inc.

If you search for these two companies, you will find a ton of fraud alerts about them.  How is it that they keep getting away with this?  Obviously they are making money, despite the states that sue them and get settlements from them.

Perhaps the governments should make it a point not to settle, but to put these thieves out of business and put the owners in jail?

We are pretty positive that these services got Deb’s phone number from Facebook, so be careful out there!  Of course, to verify your account, you must provide your cell phone # to Facebook, maybe we should all go remove it from our Facebook accounts – something I’m going to go do right now…

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