Major bug with QuickBooks Pro 2009

I cannot believe they let this slide.  We have QB installed on one of our network servers, and when we try to create an accountants copy, it fails to create it.  In the event log there are errors from QuickBooks, and one of them points to some random directory on our E: drives.  The problem is, none of our computers use E: drives!  So I’m not surprised that it cannot find that drive.

We tried this on multiple computers and finally had to go find help on it.  It turns out it’s a bug in QB, but they’re not exactly forthcoming about it. 

The solution is to copy the QB directories from the server onto a desktop and generate the accountant copy from the desktop. Of course, in order to keep your house in order, you then need to copy the desktop copy back to the server.  Make sure you have backups!

Here’s a link to one of the conversations:

Combine this with the inability for people to effectively print things such as reconciliation reports due to a problem on Vista 64 and I’m really wishing for either a better accounting program, or for Intuit to get off their collective asses and fix their software.  There are a set of steps to go through to fix the Vista 64 printing problem – go look at :

Software sucks.  Have a great day!

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