How to throw away a customer relationship

This morning I received an email titled: "Urgent Service Notice from Regal Honda/Acura".

Thinking that perhaps there was something in there regarding a recall or something, oh I dunno, "urgent" about my TSX, I opened the email.  Of course, based on the title of this post you can imagine that there wasn’t anything urgent in there at all.  It was just the usual pitch to bring the car back to them for service, whenever it might be due.

Now they might think this is a harmless bit of marketing, but it resulted in me unsubscribing from their email updates.  Because they were idiots trying to get me to read an email *that I would have read anyway* they have now thrown away that channel of communication.

I like the dealer, and I like Acura, but you cannot abuse that relationship and not expect it to blow back on you.

No link love for Regal because I’m not going to give them that for abusing me.

One thought on “How to throw away a customer relationship”

  1. Thank you for the email.  We appreciate the feed back weather it be possitive or negative as we are always trying to improve our customer service.  We want to apologize for how the information was presented to you, it was not our intention to be misleading.  We would really like the opportunity to open that channel of communtication back up.  This is what we get for listening to a company that says they know how to market emails.  We learned the hard way here and we apologize.  Darla 

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