What can you add on top of Vista Ultimate to make it better?

I was just perusing the Dell web site to get a sense of how much a high end box from them would cost (as opposed to building one myself).  While pricing things out, I noticed that the XPS series of systems come with "Windows Vista Ultimate Bonus".  Hmmm, out of the roughly 73 versions of Vista out there, I don’t recall a Bonus edition, so I decided to spend another second to find out what that meant…

Yup, Bonus means that Windows XP Pro is installed, not Vista.

I think that says quite a bit about the view that people are taking about Vista. Much of it isn’t warranted, but our own experience says that there are still issues out there.  Microsoft has decided to plow ahead and discontinue XP (and I would too in their position), but obviously a few companies are finding ways around that (until MS closes that door too).

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