10 years as a Mensan

I got a certificate this morning celebrating my 10 years as a member of Mensa.  I took the test as a lark on day (a former employer of mine had been bugging me to do it long before I actually did it) and a few weeks later found out that I qualified.

The sad thing (maybe) is that in all that time I’ve only gone to two Mensa meetings.  A few weeks ago I was telling Deb that I need to go more often, but I don’t want to nerd out too much, you know?

Oh yeah, if I had invested my IQ in an investment that returned 5% over the past 10 years, it would today be at about 237.  Instead I’ve decided to bathe my brain in beer, wine and margarita’s, so I’m lucky if it’s not down to 90 by now…

Yup, definitely don’t want to nerd out too much…

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