A nice simple Vista feature

There are frequent times when I need to get a full path and file name from Windows Explorer into something else. Fortunately Vista has a "hidden" feature built in to make that easier.

For example, earlier today I had to point to a Virtual PC hard disk image that I had downloaded when setting up the VPC environment for it.  Since I was already looking at the file in Windows Explorer, I simply used Shift-Right Click and then chose Copy As Path to get the full path and file name onto the clipboard.  A quick paste and I was done.

One thought on “A nice simple Vista feature”

  1. Use that one all the time!While my Vista experience has gotten worse over time, I do (rarely) find something useful. The most recent is the ability to hide all desktop icons via: right-click on desktop -> View -> Show Desktop Icons. Great for folks that do lots of LiveMeetings and such.

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