Is Word 2007 suddenly not working properly for you?

A few days ago, shortly after replacing the hard drive in my notebook (upgraded to 200gig at 7200 RPM, woohoo!) Word 2007 no longer worked well for me.  The first symptom I noticed was that when I clicked on the X in the upper right of the window to close the app, it would crash instead of closing.  Word would then restart, which was kind of not what I wanted.

The next symptom I noticed a few minutes later was that if Word was in the background, I couldn’t use the mouse to bring it to the foreground if I clicked in the body of Word.  Clicking on the window frame, the menu bar or the toolbars would bring Word to the foreground.  Weird.

The real kicker was that I could no longer select any text in the Word document.  Unfortunately this problem fully manifested itself when I was trying to put together a rush quote for a prospect (of course).

Since this all occurred shortly after replacing the hard drive I thought that perhaps that might have had something to do with it.  After all, troubleshooting 101 is "what did you change last?".  It’s when we say "nothing!", while ignoring the major replacement we just did that we run into major problems. 

So, step 1 was to do a repair on Office 2007.  After that was completed, the behavior was the same.

Step 2 was to uninstall and reinstall Office 2007.  After that was completed, the behavior was the same.

Step 3 was to go to the MS newsgroups for Word and start reading.  It turns out that a recent update was causing the problem!  Following the instructions to delete a couple of registry keys solved the problem right away.  Good to know.  <sigh>  I lost about 3 hours of time to this stupid problem.

3 thoughts on “Is Word 2007 suddenly not working properly for you?”

  1. This is exactly what happened to me.  I even used MS online live help and they blamed Dell (my computer).  This automatic update happened 2 days ago and that\’s when my Word stopped working.  I found this comment above and followed the link and did exactly what the insructions said to do and now my Word 2007 works properly.  What I don\’t understand is why MS didn\’t fix this to begin with because I allowed the automatic update two days ago which caused all the problems and this article was posted in December 2007.  I recommened everyone no longer chooses to update automatically from Microsoft any longer. I lost days of work because of this and contacted Dell and Microsoft and also went to Best Buy to try to get another copy of the Software (which I couldn\’t).  WHY THE HECK DIDN\’T I BUY A MAC??????

  2. Wow, I count myself as incredibly lucky that I found this. Deleted the registry key and that fixed it.
    This was after running Office diagnostics several times and other various and sundry windows vista "reliability tools."
    My relief is matched only by my annoyance and frustration with MS.

  3. Amazing, this works!Thankyou! soo muchi had just completed all my assignments and the week before they are due was the last thing i needed when word crashed.Cheers, your a legend

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