A great quote!

Once again I went down a rabbit hole on the Internet.  Eventually I ended up at http://www.actsofgord.com and read about a video game store owner’s experiences…  Many of those revolved around being sued, or suing people…
Here’s the great quote: "I remember a happier time when people used to threaten to sue because they were in the right.". 
Ah so true.  Now people sue just to inflict their will on others, or extort money from them.  These days when I hear about another lawsuit, be it class action or otherwise, the first thing I think of is "who has the most money?".  Chances are, if it’s a lawsuit between individuals or companies whoever has the most money will prevail.  If it’s a class action lawsuit, then the only people who benefit are the lawyers. It’s a very sad state of affairs. 
I do like Intel’s policy on lawsuits.  As I recall, they never settle.  That means that the lawyers who are planning on suing know they have to be in it for the long haul, not just hope that Intel will throw them a few hundred thousand dollars to make them go away.
Here’s to my next lawsuit!

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