Changing CRM server IP address resulted in massive slowdown

On Monday we moved our offices.  As part of the move, we changed the IP addressing scheme in our office.  As we started using CRM, we noticed that certain things were running quite slowly.  For example, if you attempted to open an Account window, it could take up to 15 seconds, even if you had just opened the same one a moment before!
At first I was ready to blame my desktop for this problem.  In troubleshooting it, I remoted into the server as administrator and tried opening some screens, and they opened quickly, making me think that it was my machine.
I then tried opening the screens from another computer, and found that they were opening slowly there too, which told me it was not my desktop, but server related.
It turns out that the IP address of the reporting server that CRM was pointed to was hardcoded as an IP address, rather than a DNS name.  The result of this was that every time a form was opened that referred to the reporting server, it was timing out waiting for the reporting server.  The reason the administrator wasn’t running into that problem was because as a "limited user" within CRM, none of the screens it has access to (or that I tested in any case) were tied to the reporting server.
The solution is to go into the following location in the registry: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM and correct the value in the SQLRSServerURL key.  In our case, I changed it from a hardcoded to the proper DNS name (which is top secret :)).  Then I did a quick IISRESET and everything was golden.
Hope this helps someone! – Eric.

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