Problem with your Windows phone and DST?

As everyone nows, the dates that daylight savings time changes have changed.
Cingular, who is my carrier, sent me a sms text message about the fix needed for my 8125 phone.  I installed the update last week with no problem on both of our 8125’s.
This morning, while all of our PC’s and servers reflected the correct time, our Cingular phones did not.  After some research it turns out that the patch didn’t quite work properly.  The way to get your phone working properly again is simple though (all of these steps are on your phone, not your PC):
Click on the Start menu
Click on Settings
Click on the System tab
Click on Clock and Alarms
Change the timezone to a timezone that is at least an hour different from the one you’re in now.
Accept the prompt for changing the timezone
Go back into the Clock and Alarms option
Change the timezone back to your real timezone
Accept the prompt for changing the timezone
Wait a few moments and you should see the time correct itself.
Make sure that you’ve applied the patch before you do this.
Good luck!

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