Getting MS CRM updated for daylight savings time changes

This could be quite a project. 
If you run a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, you must go to this page to review and begin working on updating your systems to handle the changes to the daylight savings time laws.  Even if you are in a state that doesn’t follow the DST changes, you still need to update all of your systems to handle them, as there is a chance that you could travel to a place that does follow them, and then you’re up a creek!  It should also be noted that some users in Mexico who might have set their timezones to one in the United States will need to change theirs to one in Mexico.
The good news is that Windows systems that are being updated either through Microsoft’s automatic updates or an internal corporate update server (using either Small Business Server R2 or Windows Software Update Services) will have at least some of the patches in place.  But the CRM patches themselves won’t be automatically put into place, so you must take the time to handle this in the next five days.
Happy updating!

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