A fast win with eBay

A long time ago, shortly after they first came out, Deb and I purchased a 20" iMac.  We use it around the house, sometimes on my desk, sometimes on hers, and it’s always fun checking out how the other 3% lives.  However, we need to box up the machine for a little while in order to declutter our home.  Unfortunately, because we’re shy on space, we threw the original box out shortly after we brought it home.
eBay to the rescue!  It took about 10 seconds to find an empty box (with foam inserts) on eBay and use the Buy It Now button to buy it.
Net time invested – a couple of minutes (had to make sure that the local Apple store didn’t have a spare one laying around).
Wow, this whole Internet thing just might be worth something afterall…

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