Adventures in Not Getting It

I recently purchased a component for imaging from a company that for argument’s sake we’ll call LeadTools.
The product is fine, we’re quite happy with it and we’re about to go live with a tool that uses it.  That’s not where the "failure to communicate" occurs.
I purchased the product from their web site.  I provided them with my billing and company information, they provided me with the serial number.  So far so good. 
Yesterday, I received a card in the mail (how 80’s) from them thanking me for the the purchase and urging me to register the product with them. They conveniently provided the serial number, order # and customer # to assist in the registration.
Let’s think this through:  They sent me an physical letter asking me to register on their web site, along with all of the information, from their database, that I need to register.  So… we have a company who knows who I am, and exactly what I bought, asking me to go to their web site so I can tell them who I am and what I bought?
I just don’t get it.  Use your computers people!

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