MS Bluetooth keyboard and Toshiba m200 tablet

If you have a Toshiba m200 (or m205) with Bluetooth built in, there is one thing you should know of when you try to get it all to work together.  By default, the Toshiba comes with the Toshiba Bluetooth stack installed.  I successfully got the MS keyboard and mouse to work on that stack, but I had severe problems getting the devices to work after about 10 minutes of inactivity.
So, if I walked away from my computer for a few minutes (yeah, it does happen), I would find the neither the keyboard or mouse would work.  If I poked and prodded at keys and buttons for a while, it might come back, but most of the time I had to reconnect them through the Bluetooth manager app.
Finally, I decided to uninstall Toshiba’s Bluetooth stack and install Microsoft’s (which, at least for me, was provided in the c:\toshiba\btmonitor directory.  After doing that, it has worked perfectly.  Keep in mind though that if the notebook goes to sleep in the port replicator, it appears that you have to wake it up by hitting the power button on the replicator – just hitting a key on the Bluetooth keyboard won’t work.
I’ll post more on my thoughts about the Toshiba m200 at a later time…

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