Lies, Damn Lies, and Microsoft Marketing

Microsoft has been in the habit over the past several years of taking features or goodies away from their users and calling it a benefit.  For example, a while ago they changed what an MCSE received – they went from getting 10 support calls to 2 support calls.  And a new logo or some such.  Microsoft heralded it as a great improvement in what was being offered.
Well, they’re at it again.  Guess what the following list is from:
* Greater reliability
* Faster access to support
* A richer Windows experience
Yup, you got it.  Windows Validation.  So by making you jump through hoops to prove that your copy of Windows isn’t stolen, you get these great features. 
Well, let’s see, greater reliability?  Uh, no, not really.  You see, everyone was getting fixes before, now only those who’ve validated get them.  So the reliability of Windows is no better than it would have been if they had never started with validation.
How about Faster access to support?  What, exactly about validation makes access to support faster?
Finally, a richer Windows experience?  Sure, if you begin by saying that you don’t don’t these upgrades that we used to offer to you for free.
I don’t really mind that MS has started with the validation stuff.  All my copies of Windows are legit, although it is a PITA to have to go through it with a MCE system, my home PC, my notebook and my girlfriends notebook all in a short period of time.  What I do mind is the attempt at newspeak.  Stop it Microsoft.  How about you admit that the sole goal of validation is to try to catch small VAR’s that are stealing Windows and misleading consumers into thinking that they’re getting a legit copy of it?  There, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

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