Computers in movies

Through I found a link to The use of Computers in Movies list.  This thing is dead on!
A couple of my favorite items (not in the list):
In the movie Hackers (so bad I watch it every now and then just to laugh at it), when the main guy asks the love interest / hot goth hacker chick (or whatever she is) if she’s woman enough for her computer – a bitching IBM laptop with something like a 386sx in it.  Oh yeah, take that!  Also gotta love the "Gibson" (mainframe).  I’ve seen many mainframes in my life, and not one looked as cool as that thing!  Look at the blinking lights!  Ooooh, shiny!
In the movie Antitrust – one program uploaded to a bunch of satellites manages to override the contents being displayed on every single computer, television, pda and cell phone on the planet.
Finally, I leave you with this, perhaps the worst line ever uttered in a movie relating to computers:
"This is Unix… I know this!"

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