Kelly Clarkson & Bo Bice – real talent?!

I have a little secret – I like American Idol.  Many of my friends are shocked at this, and some are disappointed (a couple of musicians in that group!). 
Those of you who believe that American Idol’s winners are crap should listen to Kelly Clarkson’s live version of Beautiful Disaster – sung with just a piano for accompaniment.  That, along with Bo Bice’s (2nd place finisher last year) acapella rendition of "Within a dream" will give you goosebumps. 
Damn good talent.  The second Bo gets an album out, I’m buying it, RIAA antics be damned.  Heck, I might even go to a concert featuring him.

One thought on “Kelly Clarkson & Bo Bice – real talent?!”

  1. I got hooked on American Idol this last season. The talent was awesome across the board – and yes, I agree on Bo\’s rendition. Carrie was great, as was Anwar, Niko, and even Scott (he just lacked the look). I plan to check out the next season as well. Guess what, I like Quiche too – anyone got a problem with that?

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