I’m in some sort of purgatory

I woke up at about 2:45 this morning, and I haven’t been able to get back to sleep.  There are thunderstorms rolling through, which initially woke me up, but it gets much more complicated than that.
I recently returned from the Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles.  After coming back from there, my sleep patterns have been a mess.  Before last night, I didn’t get to bed until 2am.  So last night I was asleep by about 9pm.  So far, so good.
However, also last night, we had our carpets cleaned.  While I was at work my girlfriend moved all the stuff in the house (relax, it’s a small house, and not much stuff) into various hidey holes so that it wouldn’t be on the carpet.  It will take another day or so before the carpets are really dry enough to move everything back to where it belongs.
Well, as it turns out, when I went to go take a shower at 3:15 this morning, I couldn’t make it to the shower without removing at least three chairs, one game table thingy and an ottoman from the main bathroom.  Not a big deal, but impossible to do without waking her up.  I then thought about just going to work without a shower (ugh), but then I figured out that I can’t make it to the closet either to get to a clean set of clothes.  Then I thought about just going into work in last nights clothes (it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?), and remembered that we had dinner at Gators, our local dive bar in Wheeling, and my clothes smell like smoke – so no wearing those – I hate the smell of cigarrette smoke.
So here I sit, on the couch with the laptop on my, uh, lap, unable to sleep, shower or get dressed.  The alarm will go off at 5am, but until then, I guess I have to just wait. 
Today is going to suck.

2 thoughts on “I’m in some sort of purgatory”

  1. Oh man, I know how that sucks. I think the worst part is sitting there thinking about how bad you\’re going to feel later in the day and knowing that by then you\’ll be so busy that you can\’t do anything about it. Ouch. (Btw, those storms were pretty cool – lots \’o rain up here.) Be careful with that laptop – just read this on the Dell sitting next to me:"CAUTION: Do not use the computer with the base resting directly on exposed skin, such as your legs, for an extended period of time. With extended operation, heat can potentially build up in the base. Allowing sustained contact with the skin can cause discomfort or, if left in contact for long enough, eventually a burn."Now *that* would suck. 😉

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