The TicketWeb Privacy Policy

So, you’ve decided to buy tickets for some event over the Internet.  Think that when you opt out of receiving a ton of spam, you’re actually opting out?
Take a look at the "Privacy" Policy on

Regardless of whether you elect to receive emails from TicketWeb, by purchasing a ticket to an event, you indicate that you consent to the TicketWeb Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Will Call and Refund Policy, you consent to TicketWeb sharing your email address and other information with those who bring you the event (e.g., venues, teams, artists, promoters and leagues), and you consent to those who bring you the event using your information to contact you by email or other means to send you marketing or other messages or using or disclosing your information in other ways. Please contact them directly to learn about their policies.


The only thing their privacy policy does is tell you that you have none, and your information is as good as sold to the nearest spammer.


Nice safe neighborhood we have here on the Internet, eh?

One thought on “The TicketWeb Privacy Policy”

  1. More people should take time to read those boring disclaimers. What\’s written in them might influence whether one actually decides to get/use/buy the product in question.If people don\’t read the disclaimer, and it has something like that in it, then they can\’t complain when they get a bunch of junk mail.

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