The amazing progression of hard drive pricing

I got started with computers about the time the TRS 80 Model 1 came out. Yes, that long ago.  Back then, pretty much only mainframes had hard drives and they stored very little data – perhaps 20 megabytes.  In the mid 80’s, I got my first hard drive for my Tandy 1200, which was a Tandy "clone" of the IBM PC.  It was 5 megabytes before formatting, it was 4 megabytes after.  A few years later I got an 80 megabyte hard drive for roughly $500.  So in the late 80’s, it was something like $6.25 per megabyte.
Today, I’m looking at buying a couple of 400 gigabyte hard drives.  Each one will cost roughly $260.  Or about $.07 per megabyte.  Wow.
So for $780, if I wanted to, I could purchase roughly a terabyte of storage space.  I might just have to do that!  "Are you happy to see me or is that a terabyte of storage in your PC?"

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